7. Webpage developed by Karen Faye Taborn in collaboration with Traditional Arts Indiana

Karen Taborn

I completed the research, fieldwork and creation of this website while doing doctoral studies in ethnomusicology at Indiana University. My work in ethnomusicology focuses on jazz, race and gender, and Native American music and I may be hired to do cultural research –library and archival research and ethnographical research and field studies; curatorial work; and teaching or lecturing.

My book, Walking Harlem: The Ultimate Guide to the Cultural Capital of Black America, is due for publication by Rutgers University Press in April 2018. Visit the book’s website at https://karentabornwalkingharlem.wordpress.com

I am also an accomplished independent musician and composer. You can hear clips and learn how to purchase my recently released cd, “Singin’ a Sonny Song” on my website. Currently, I teach in the Cultural Diversity Program at York College in Jamaica-Queens, NY. Learn more about my work as an ethnomusicologist and a musician here, http://karentabornmusic.wordpress.com/. Write to me at karentaborn@yahoo.com. Karen Faye Taborn

Traditional Arts Indiana (TAI) is a not-for-profit, state-wide arts organization dedicated to expanding public awareness of Indiana’s traditional practices and nurturing a sense of pride among Indiana’s traditional artists. TAI is housed in the Folklore/Ethnomusicology department at Indiana University. Visit TAI’s website at http://www.indiana.edu/~tradarts/index.html

3 Responses to “7. Webpage developed by Karen Faye Taborn in collaboration with Traditional Arts Indiana”

  1. Hi Karen,
    I enjoyed reading the history of African American jazz history in Indianaopois very much.
    It reminds me just a bit of the struggle members of the Baha’i Faith are having in Iran. Baha’i students are not permitted to go to college, many are not permitted to hold jobs and they are persecuted because of their religion. However like the people in Indianapolis who were not allowed to play in white clubs etc. the Baha’is are developing their own private schools and helping each other find work, living space and other venues.
    Hopfully things have changed for “people of color” in America but we have a long way to go to have true equality and will struggle with this issue until we all realize that we belong to one human family.
    Congratulations on a beautiful presentation. You are an inspiration.
    Sara Hatch
    member of Women Inspire.

  2. Gabriel Colman Says:

    Greetings Karen,
    I thoroughly enjoyed your website and it’s educational message. I have only recently gained an appreciation for jazz by working with a local artists and musician, Max Hartstein, who had some interesting stories to tell about the development of the Jazz scene in Indy during the 50’s and 60’s. If you get a moment, visit The Venue, I would be interested in your take on his work.
    Gabriel Colman
    The Venue, Fine Art & Gifts

  3. cindy brisky broadway Says:

    hi Karen,

    This is awesome !
    your friend from a long time a go.
    Cindy Brisky Broadway

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