6. Links to Relevant Websites


  • David Leander Williams’ long awaited book has arrived! The official release date is Jan. 28th but you can pre-order it now at Amazon.com. The title is Indiana Jazz: the masters, legends and legacy of Indiana Avenue. Congratulations to David for his steady persistence to complete this over many years and to the great community of Indiana jazz that kept this history alive!
  • Indianapolis Jazz: The Masters, Legends and Legacy of Indiana Avenue

    Indianapolis Jazz: The Masters, Legends and Legacy of Indiana Avenue

  • The JAZZ JOURNALISTS ASSOCIATION (JJA) is hosting a Jazz Blogathon in April 2012 to acknowledge that jazz is alive in local communities. This website, “Indiana Avenue and Beyond” is participating in the JJA 2012 Jazz Blogathon! Visit JJA’s Blogathon by selecting the link here:
    JJA 2012 Blogathon

    Currently, research on jazz from Indiana is experiencing an exciting surge of enthusiasm from community, jazz and African American scholars.  Several on-the-web or in-print publications are expected to surface in the near future or have recently come to fore to document a previous scarcity on the significance of jazz developments in the State. The following website links and book citations are provided to expand visitors’ interests and knowledge on Indiana jazz.  Developed by jazz and community researchers who specialize on developments of jazz from Indiana, many of whom are natives or long term residents of the State, the information provided therein is highly recommended by those interested in jazz, Indiana and African American history.


    • Indianapolis native, Dr. Larry Ridley is the executive director of the African American Jazz Caucus.  The Caucus’ purpose is to “ensure that all Jazz educators recognize and acknowledge accurately the African American progenitors and their contributions made to the Jazz art form, i.e., its African, African American historic cultural, spiritual aesthetic and musical roots, stylistic individuality, diversity, improvisation, theory, composition and arranging concepts.”  The Caucus actively provides jazz educational and performance opportunities, specifically for students of jazz from historically Black colleges. 

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